Facilities and Equipments

(1) Conference Room (G-211) In View of "cultivating senior industry and manage talents" in this Department, we are planning a room specified for discussion of student groups, and among teachers and students, as well as meeting among teachers within the Department.

(2) "Senior Market Survey & Professional Service Center (G-205)" The professional classroom is deemed as a research center for survey in comprehensive consumption of middle-to-high age, which is used with "Conference Room (G-211)" to look forward to becoming a ledger platform for industry and academy cooperation with government and various non-governmental organizations, as well as strategic alliances.

(3) "Senior Citizen Life Simulation Experience Room(G-207)" It will be a consolidated space with segmented usage, which including implementation and demonstration of health and catering services, elderly housing, accessible space, recreational exercises and body & mind activation for the elderly, scenario simulation in community nursing care and health promotion and so forth. We hope to construct a friendly premise and equipments for daily life of the elders, provide the students of the Department and faculties, students in related departments of fields.