Professional Opportunities for Students

  • Academic Opportunities
  1. Social work and other relative graduate programs.
  2. Long-term care and other relative graduate programs.
  3. Science management and other relative graduate programs.
  4. Adult and continuing education graduate programs.
  5. Other senior service or management relative graduate programs.
  • Civil Service Examinations :
  • 1.Senior examination
  • 2.Junior examination
  • 3.Elementary examination
  • Internship
  1. A full-time internship course is required for students. They must intern for 4.5 months at the second semester of junior or the first semester of senior to conduct their practical experiences.
  2. The areas of internship descript as the below:
  3. 1.Governmental administration and service units
  4. 2.Senior service centers
  5. 3.Civil senior welfare institutions, such as long-term care institution
  6. 4.Non-profit organization, such as senior related foundations
  7. 5.Life service related corporations
  8. 6.Health promotion related corporations
  9. 7.Senior leisure and tourism corporations
  • Certification
  1. 1.Social worker
  2. 2.Care helper
  3. 3.Supervisor of care helper
  4. 4.Funeral worker
  5. 5.Tourist leader and tourist guide