Industry-Academy Cooperation and Strategic Alliances

We, the Department, had built up a mechanism behind alliance in industry, government and academy through synergy teaching, teachers in pairs from industry and academy, counseling from teachers in industry, lectures in topics of practices, seminars, forum on basis of industry and academy, visits in agencies, off-campus internships and industry & academy cooperation project undertook by teachers in the Department:

(1) Professors in our Department have been involved in several cases studies or accreditations pertaining to the elderly in numerous cities and counties, during which we had established some contacts in communication with government and industries.

(2) We, the Department, had established a friendly relationship with industries and had built up strategic alliance with social welfare, nursing home, care industry, leisure, health promotion, insurance, life-supporting services and related careers that students are enabled to visit and be in internship with relevant agencies.

(3) Society of Seniors Services Industry was formed by industry, government and academy jointly for expansion of service scope in senior industry.