Name/Title Educational Background specialty

Chang, Hua-nan Assistant Professor,

Director of Department

Feng Chia University
Doctor of Operation and management
Human resources management, enterprise management, and sustainable development
Huang, Fu-shun  Professor National Taiwan Normal University, 
Doctor of University
Senior citizens learn, elderly mental, senior citizens,
learning Seniors Health Promotion, silver-haired emotions
Liu, Li-wei Associate Professor Bradley University Counseling M.A Career counseling, self-exploration and growth
Sun, Chang-Liang Assistant  Professor Toyo University, Japan, 
Doctor of Sociology
Gerontology, Social Welfare education, Third Age Education
Chang, Hung-Chi Assistant  Professor China Medicine University,
PH.D. of Chinese Pharmaceutical science
Disease & Drag Safe the Aged,
Concepts of Chinese Medicine in the Elderly,
Diet & Nutrition of the Elderly
Kuo, Hsiao-Yi Assistant  Professor National Chung Hsing University, 
Doctor of Applied economics
Economic, Tour Resource Management
Hung, Jui-Ying Assistant  Professor Chung Jung Christian University,
Doctor of management
Accounting, Management Psychology, Business Administration,
Marketing Management, Finance management  
Zheng, Yao-Ren Assistant  Professor National Kaohsiung First University, 
Doctor of Management
Financial Analysis, Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance
Huang, Ya-Ling Assistant  Professor Ming Chuan university, 
Doctor of Management
Restaurant Management, Tourist guide and leader
Chang, Jun-ru Assistant  Professor Florida State University sports,
Doctor of Management
Planning and design of leisure activities, experiential education, 
sports and leisure management, consumer behavior