(1) Professors in our Department have been involved in several cases studies or accreditations pertaining to the elderly in numerous cities and counties, during which we had established some contacts in communication with government and industries.

(2) We had established strategic alliances among integrated fields containing industry, government and academy, annual forum of industry-academia world will be held that it has been considered as a critical senior citizens industry platform in central Taiwan.

(3) We had have cooperation with departments and agencies abroad; international seminar has been held at regular basis annually, in which scholars and experts coming from Japan, the United States, Scandinavia were invited to have speeches here.

(4) Having emphasis on "learning by doing", we, the Department, were undertaker of establishment of Learning University and Wu Fong Senior Active Learning Center held by Ministry of Education; in addition to provide teachers and students opportunities of applying theories into practices, also assist community seniors to face with their new life and vision.

(5) Carry on implementation of internship for students in real industry to achieve mission of “being employed after graduated and mastering everything upon working”.