Our curriculum have two major parts of professional knowledge, including elderly related services and general management , such as elderly care, leisure and recreation, residence, finance, healthy, education, welfare and life service. We hope to construct comprehensive elderly services management courses。

1. Our student must complete128 credit hours, including 30university required credit hours, 57departmental required credit hours, 15 credit hours of departmental electives, and 6 credit hours of electives that may come from courses outside the department.

2. 2. Departmental required courses include two major areas: one is gerontology, such as physiology, psychology, social and healthy promotion, etc. Another one is general management, such as business administration, accounting, marketing, finance and human resource management, etc. Those courses can construct the knowledge of elderly services management.

3. There are two core courses in this department, one is Elderly Services and another is Senior Business Management. Those courses cultivate students become professional in elderly services and management, and to meet the needs of senior market.

A practical training is required for students in this department. Students must take a full-time internship courses at the second semester of junior, or the first semester of senior in the University. This internship courses is about 4.5months long (at least 720houors).

5. Certification is required for students in this department. Students must have First-aid certification and TQC before graduated from Chaoyang University.